Made In Detroit shirts go to third-world countries

So what happens to all those "misprinted and defective" t-shirts that don't make it to store shelves?

They go to clothe the homeless in southeast Michigan and some make it all the way to people in third-world countries, after we donate them to Grace Centers of Hope.

The homeless are not just statistics, although there are more than 34,000 homeless people in Southeast Michigan.

They are not faceless—they are children , middle class families whose financial situations have changed drastically, women suffering from abuse, individuals challenged with mental illness, and those whose lives have been destroyed by alcohol or drugs—they were your neighbors.

No matter how they became homeless, each one seeks HOPE.

Located in the midst of the community in a campus-like setting, Grace Centers of Hope provides refuge, safety and security, a home for those without one, and a wide range of programs to help people in need rebuild their lives and re-enter society as productive and responsible citizens.

Made In Detroit is proud to work with Grace Centers of Hope, together we can make a difference.

To date MID has donated over $20,000 worth of clothing items to Grace Centers of Hope.

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