What was Detroit’s most memorable sports moment?

There are some sports moments that are so big, so thrilling and monumental, that we remember where we were when we saw them. Maybe we were even in the stands rooting for our favorite team and witnessed history in person. Either way, sports moments are some of the most exciting (or agonizing) memories we hold onto.

Remember when Magglio belted the home run to win the pennant? Or maybe you’re mature enough to recall that September afternoon when Al Kaline crossed the plate at Tiger Stadium to win the pennant in ’68? Can you remember where you were when the Pistons won their first NBA title? Or how you had that “punched in the gut” feeling when Larry Bird stole the inbound pass from Isiah in the playoffs? When you watched Barry Sanders rush for his 2,000th yard? Or how infuriating it was to watch Armando Galarraga lose his perfect game on a blown call by the umpire?

Sports moments bring us together because they connect us through a common shared event. We may not know each other’s names, but when we are in the crowd at The Joe watching the Red Wings, we all cheer together when we see a replay of Stevie Y scoring a goal against the Blues in double OT to send Detroit to the conference finals in ’96.

Which Detroit sports moments resonate with you? Which Motown sports moment is the most memorable of all-time? We want to answer those questions in our Detroit’s Most Memorable Sports Moment tournament, a partnership between Detroit Athletic Co. and Made In Detroit, two brands that love the city and people of Detroit, as well as the history of The Motor City.

Beginning on Friday, March 1, 64 moments in Detroit sports history will go head to head in a bracketed tournament competition to find Detroit’s most memorable sports moment. Fans can vote on the Made In Detroit Facebook page and also follow each moment on the Facebook page of Detroit Athletic Co.

Each of the four major Detroit pro sports teams – the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers – have 16 moments placed in a bracket. Every day, two moments will “face off” and fans will determine which one is more memorable. Eventually, the four greatest moments will end up in the “Final Four” where they will square off to be selected as the most memorable in Detroit sports history.

The sports staff at Detroit Athletic Co. selected the 64 moments and seeded them from 1-16 for each franchise. Made In Detroit will conduct the voting and promote the tournament via social media and other media channels.

“We think Detroit is the best sports city in America,” Detroit Athletic Co. owner and city native Steve Thomas said. “Over the years, Detroit has boasted some of the greatest players and teams in all of sports, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate the moments that have shaped the history of the city.”

Made In Detroit is a clothing line owned by Detroit rocker and native Kid Rock. It offers tee-shirts, caps, and other apparel with the proud MADE IN DETROIT logo. Guided by Kid Rock’s mission to help revitalize the city, Made In Detroit has created jobs for people in and around Detroit, made money for local merchants and also donated money to many local charities over the last several years.



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