• Detroit "The Arsenal of Democracy"

    When Detroit stood at attention There's no disputing the city's major role in helping the United States become victorious in World War II. Here's what people and the news media said back then: "The hottest town in America," crowed a...

  • We Have A Winner!

    Thanks to everyone who entered. You're not a loser... you helped raise money for Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center

  • Make Waves!

    Make us an offer we can't refuse. Special thanks to our friends at Sign-A-Rama

  • Lions 2013 Rookie Class

    Yesterday the Detroit Lions rookies were representing Made In Detroit as they headed to Aurora, OH for the NFL Rookie Symposium. The NFL Rookie Symposium is an orientation for all drafted rookies based on the four principles of NFL History, Total Wellness, Experience and Professionalism.  The symposium includes presentations, videos, and...

  • Detroit Police Honor Guard

    Thank you for your charity submissions, there where a lot of great causes. We decided to donate the proceeds to the Detroit Police Honor Guard fund. The shirts will be available at the Detroit Honor Guard Fundraiser.